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Cary Center Youth Programs

Vision and Mission

To promote financial awareness, philanthropic responsibility and leadership in youth as a means of enabling the College of Human Sciences and the Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies at Auburn University to enhance human well-being and improve the quality of life worldwide.

Through the Cary Center Youth Programs, we educate, enable and empower youth ages 4-18 to develop their full leadership potential, achieve independence as financial decision-makers, promote an understanding of philanthropic engagement and serve as mentors for future generations of philanthropists.

Learning Objectives

The Cary Center Youth Programs learning objectives are:

  • Gain knowledge about personal finances, wealth stewardship and philanthropy;
  • Strengthen self-awareness, creativity, technology, time management and critical thinking/reflective skills;
  • Become educated about spending, saving and sharing techniques
  • Identify one's philanthropic interests and learn how to utilize one's time, talent, treasure and trust; and
  • Understand the importance of creating sustaining legacies.


The Cary Center Youth Programs curriculum may be adapted to be more specific to a distinct area or delivery method. While the language used in the curriculum parallels the Cary Center Youth Programs, the wording may be customized to integrate language that is consistent with any youth serving organization. The recommended discussion techniques, provided activities and reflection topics within each session may be tailored to target a particular audience. Each program is offered in person, virtually or through subscription education.