Giving Opportunities in the Cary Center

The Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies in the Auburn University College of Human Sciences began with the organization of the Women's Philanthropy Board in Spring 2002. Historically, women have always been philanthropic in giving of their time and talents. Today, women are building on this traditional humanitarian role with a newly discovered capacity for independent financial giving as they acquire wealth, assume positions of leadership and combine their legacy of service to others. For a small pledge of $5,000 ($1,000 pledged annually for 5 years) you will secure your membership in this dynamic group.

Contact College of Human Sciences Development Officer, Kim McCurdy via email or phone at (334)844-9173 if you would like to learn more about any giving opportunities within the Cary Center.

WPB Donor Opportunities

The Women’s Philanthropy Board relies primarily on the financial support of its donors and corporate and business partners to sustain and grow its educational programs, mentoring initiatives, philanthropic impact, and operations.

  • WPB Visionary Donor $25,000 gift over a five-year period
  • WPB Benefactor Donor $5,000 gift over a five-year period
  • WPB Associate Donor $2,500 gift over a five-year period (available for women age 30 and younger)

  • WPB Corporate Partner minimum $5,000 annual gift
  • WPB Business Partner $4,500 gift over a three-year period

  • WPB Phil Sr. $25,000 gift over a five-year period
  • WPB Phil $5,000 gift over a five-year period
  • WPB Phil Jr. $2,500 gift over a five-year period (available for men age 30 and younger)

For more information about WPB Donor Opportunities, please contact the WPB Office at (334) 844-9156 or or the CHS Development Office at (334) 844-9173.