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The Aspirational Philanthropist Certificate Program

Everyday People Growing Through Giving

With the mission to unleash the inherent potential to give, the Aspirational Philanthropist Certificate Program equips aspiring philanthropists and altruists with the practical know-how and questioning tools to benefit family and special causes.

This online learning series is offered as a non-credit, self-paced certificate program. The program consists of four sequential courses: Donor Fundamentals, Donor Discovery, Donor Design and Donor Legacy. An accompanying workbook engages the participant in active, inquiry-based learning tailored to the participant’s personal, financial, and family circumstances.

This certificate course was created through a partnership between the Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies and Greg Doepke, CAP®, CFP®.

4 Course Online Learning at Your Own Place

Fundamental Discovery Design Legacy

Learn to embrace your role as a donor and aspiring philanthropist. As you begin your journey on the learning roadmap, you will receive the 5 Keys to Unlock Donor Generosity that focuses on YOU – the aspiring philanthropist.

Tap into your donor roots. Discover your passions and personal strengths, clarify your purpose, and align them to meet your family and philanthropic goals. Learn to evaluate nonprofit organizations with an 8-point checklist.

With a focus on financial gifting, create your comprehensive strategy to benefit your family and meaningful causes. Participants will learn the basics of 15 financial giving tools (bequests, appreciate assets, DAF’s, QCD’s, etc.) used solo or in mix and match strategies.

Learn to embrace a different, life-giving perspective in our transaction to a life of lasting significance. You will learn to engage in meaningful conversations with family, and advisors, and how to share your aspirations and guidance through family love letters.

Who should participate in the Aspirational Philanthropist Certificate program and what are the benefits?

  • Learn to become a wise donor
  • Do more for your family
  • Make a greater impact
  • Learn donor motivations
  • Embrace a donor’s viewpoint
  • Unleash donor generosity
  • Help donors reach their goals
  • Increase client loyalty
  • Help clients reach their goals
  • Build client trust
  • Gain client referrals

Certificate Course Registration

Price: $299

To register, visit aub.ie/philanthropist.

Registration fee includes access to all four online courses and a printed copy of The Donor’s Workbook. Upon completion of all four courses, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Auburn University Office of Professional and Continuing Education.

The four courses may be purchased separately for $75 per course. However, these courses are designed to be taken in order and all four courses must be successfully completed in order to receive the certificate from Auburn University.