Student Philanthropy Board

The Student Philanthropy Board is a student leadership and mentoring initiative supported by the Women’s Philanthropy Board and is open to all Auburn University students. This organization is designed to support students who are seeking the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies minor or major at Auburn University and/or who aspire to work or volunteer in the nonprofit field following graduation.

SPB provides avenues for students to explore philanthropic engagement, nonprofit leadership, financial sustainability, community involvement and professional development in order to develop knowledge and skills for future service as nonprofit professionals, volunteers, or philanthropists. The mission of the SPB is to assist students to develop their full leadership potential; achieve independence as financial decision makers and donors; participate in the philanthropic cycle; discover the roles of nonprofits and their impact in communities; and network with nonprofit and philanthropic leaders.

Student members of SPB get to participate in the philanthropic process through the awarding of mini-grants each year, and organizing and participating in community service projects. SPB members also have the chance to learn from nonprofit leaders through site visits and learning sessions, and have the special privilege of awarding the Alabama Nonprofit Employee of the Year.

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